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Salutary India, an attempt to make difference, to create a more humane and child friendly world. Our mission is to promote children’s rights agenda in all our action programme to help them meet their opportunities to achieve their full potentials. Salutary India believes with conviction that the basic need and right of a child are synonymous. We dream of a world that treats every child equally and a nation that gives education. Salutary India is a Humanitarian, Gender sensitive, child focused development organization. It is registered non-profit society with FCRA and work across india

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The Context

According to the human development report there are 40 million children out of school. Most NGOs would agree that the figure could be as high as 100 million children out of school in the 6 to 14 year age group in our country. It is a known fact that the majority of these children are also working children. for any civilized society this is a shameful state of affairs. In busy metro such as Delhi if one looks around, it is not dificult to spot small children carrying weight on their heads, working as shoe shine boys, as shoddy ray-pickers, at road side small hotels, as beggars, vegetable sellers, car cleaners, children working in cycle and automobile workshops and performing of other add jobs.

Our Mission

Salutary India’s mission is to protect children rights,to help them meet their basic needs and to expend opportunities to achieve their full potential. Guided by the dreams and aspirations of thousands of neglected street and working children, we pursue our mission with commitment and compassion because the children we serve, deserve the best.

We dream of an india where every child goes to school, or is provided with decent alternative education and is also given healthcare and shelter. We wish to share our dreams and join hands with the governments, civil society and the corporate sector which Mahatma Gandhi preferred to call them as our corporate trusties. And to works with all those who with to give back to society, to nature all those children who have been neglected.